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Seminarium wydziałowe 16.02.2018.

16.02.2018., godz. 9:00, sala 1.05.
Zapraszamy na piątkowe seminarium: „Harnessing the wealth of genomic sequence information: from the detection of novel sequence motifs to the discovery of mobile RNA molecules in plants”.
Prezentację, w języku angielskim, przedstawi gość – prof. Dirk Walther z Central Infrastructure Group Bioinformatics Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology at Potsdam University.


Fueled by innovative new sequencing technologies, the available genome sequence information has expanded at such rapid pace that approaches that specifically exploit both sequence conservation and variation across a large number of different genomes have reached a level of statistical power such that their meaningful application has become possible. We demonstrate the potential of bioinformatically mining the generated sequence information in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana for the discovery of cis-regulatory motifs, the detection of physical interaction between molecules and genomic regions as well as the discovery of mRNA moving between tissues. In parallel to extracting information from intra-species sequence variation, we aimed to extract metabolic pathway association from cross-genome comparisons in plants revealing both, a predictive power with regard to protein-protein interactions, but also limitations with regard to the level of pathway abstraction and experimental knowledge.