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Seminarium wydziałowe 11.01.2024.

Czwartek 11.01.2024., godzina 10.00, sala 1.03.

Zapraszamy na gościnne seminarium wydziałowe, które zaprezentuje – w języku angielskim – Prof. Ünal Coskun (Director of the Center of Membrane Biochemistry and Lipid Research):

„Direct regulation of receptor transmembrane signalling by lipid-protein interactions”.

An important and obvious aspect of lipids is the formation of biological membranes, were the collective behaviour of lipids controls the physicochemical properties of membranes (e.g., fluidity, lipid packing, curvature). The other, less studied aspect is whether and how lipids and specific lipid-protein interactions are able to regulate the structure and function of membrane proteins. This is a quintessential question, because in addition to membrane receptors also the vast majority of concomitant downstream signalling events are directly dependent on lipid binding. At the level of receptors, Ünal Coskun will be presenting data on how lipid-protein interactions directly regulate transmembrane coupling and signalling of the human EGF and Insulin receptors. To showcase the importance of lipid recognition for downstream signalling, he will present novel data on how lipid selectivity may encode cell signalling fate decisions.