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International Student Network is recruiting!

Hello everyone, 

The semester has started a few weeks ago now, so after a few weeks of working hard and studying, you may think: What else can I do at the University that isn’t only studying all the time?

We have the perfect opportunity for you to make your time at this university even more enriching!! You can join the ONLY fully English-speaking student organization in UWr with tons of others international and local students!
We are the ISN! An organization within the University that is completely run by students! We have fun meetings, unforgettable events, and fantastic members and now we are looking for you!!
Last year was our first year as an organization, and we are proud to say that we are stepping it up! We want to organize more events and make our family even bigger!
Last year we hosted multiple great events, from Museum Visits to Comedy Nights to Hiking Trips to Picnics, but as I said, this year we want to take ISN to the next level.


We have 3 departments:
– Information 🧠
– Events 🕺
– Communications 🗣


If you want to meet like-minded students who are eager to work and create unforgettable memories, then this is your chance! 
Sign up through the link right here:


More information? Contact us through:
Instagram: isn.uwr
Facebook: International Student Network
Email: isn@uwr.edu.pl