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16th IUPAC Macromolecular Complexes Conference

Dear Collegue,

Faculty of Chemistry, Wroclaw Univ. of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland will  organize 16th IUPAC Conference „Macromolecular Complexes” in August 2015 (10-14th). The conference covers the broad spectrum of complexes between various chemical species (metal ions, metal complexes, low-molecular compounds, polymers etc. and macromolecules). Usually, it is a quite interdisciplinary meeting, bringing together people (some 100-120) working in chemistry, material science, bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. You can find the previous conferences just by typing MMC-15 (was held in Greenville, SC, USA) in Google and see what was the scope of last four or five conferences. The web page for our conference is http://www.MMC16.pwr.edu.pl

Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Department of Chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University, PA, USA
“Macromolecular Complexes with Polymers and Hybrid Materials Prepared by ATRP”
(Opening Lecture)

Prof. Eduard A. Karakhanov, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
„Molecular Recognition and Supramolecular Catalysis: from Homogeneous Systems to Nanostructured Hybrid Materials

Prof. Mark Humphrey, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
“Syntheses and nonlinear optical properties of metal-containing stars, dendrimers, oligomers and polymers”

Prof. Ecaterina S. Dragan, „Petru Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iasi, Romania
„Metal Loading on Chelating Polymers and Polymer Composites. Characterization and Benefits

Prof. Kenji Hanabusa, Shinshu University, Ueda, Nagano, Japan
„Compounds causing physical gelation; Development, application, and supramolecular chemistry of gelators”

Prof. Kimihisa Yamamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan
Dendrimer Reactor for Synthesis of Subnano Metal Particles”

Prof. Henryk Kozlowski, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland
“Specific metal ion binding sites in His-rich and Cys-rich domains in proteins”

Prof. Toshihiro Ihara, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan
“Metal complexation on DNA – for DNA structure control and biosensing”


Prof. Alexey Volkov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
„Membrane recycling of macromolecular metal-complex catalysts”

Prof. Spiro D. Alexandratos, CUNY, NY, USA
“Understanding the metal ion affinities of immobilized ligands and application to wet process phosphoric acid”

Prof. Paola Turano, University of Firenze, Firenze, Italy
“NMR of iron transport and storage proteins”

Prof. David Mecerreyes, Universidad del País Vasco, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
“Recent advances in Polymer/Ionic liquid complex materials”

Dr Magdalena Rowinska-Zyrek, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
“The complicated relationships between metal ions and RNA”

Prof. Peter Cormack, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK
“Porous Macromolecules for the Selective Capture of Organic Molecules”

Prof. Marek Samoć, Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław, Poland
“Nonlinear Absorption And Nonlinear Refraction In Metal-Containing Molecules: Beyond Third-Order Nonlinearity”

I will be much obliged if you consider participation in the conference, which will be held in Wroclaw, Poland 10th to 14th AUG 2015.
More information about the conference and the registration form can be found at the conference web page  http://mmc16.pwr.edu.pl/index.php?id=8
With my best regards
Prof. Andrzej W. Trochimczuk, DSc., PhD., Eng.