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Seminarium wydziałowe 09.02.2018.

09.02.2018., godz. 10:30, sala 0.30
Zapraszamy na dodatkowe w tym tygodniu seminarium wydziałowe nt.: „Mechanizmy integracji odpowiedzi komórkowej na bodźce chemiczne i mechaniczne”.
Wykład, w języku angielskim, wygłosi gość – prof. Paul Janmay (Pennsylvania State University and Institute for Medicine and Engineering& Department of Physiology Vagelos Research Labs, Philadelphia, USA).

Cells can alter their phenotype in response to the mechanical properties of their substrate and differentiate between elastic and viscous resistance to cell-derived forces. By studying the response of numerous different cell types to substrates of defined stiffness and chemistry, certain patterns of mechanical response emerge. These patterns suggest that altering the mechanical properties of diseased tissues or bioengineered tissue constructs has significant potential to alter cell growth and function.