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Seminarium wydziałowe 07.06.2022.

07.06.2022., godzina 10.00, MS Teams

Zapraszamy wszystkich pracowników i studentów na seminarium wydziałowe online, które zaprezentuje, w języku angielskim, dr hab. Joanna Grzyb z Zakładu Biofizyki: „Towards nanobiodevices”.

Nanomaterials in combination with biological elements are known as nanobiohybrids. Such a combination may result in additional functionalities, leading to creation of simple nanobiodevices. We are studying those junctions especially in terms of electrons and energy transfer, especially in response to light. An actual energy/electron acceptor will determine further applications. With light-triggered, redox-active nanohybrids with multiple possible acceptors we may think about using those nanohybrid junctions in nanobioreactors as well as modulators of cell redox homeostasis.