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How to create a library account

How to create a library account

According to the rules of the University, student can borrow books outside the library only from home Faculty and main Wroclaw University Library – other libraries (e.g. Library of Faculty of Chemistry or Faculty of Biological Science) offer their collections only locally, in reading rooms.

However, before borrowing a book for the first time, student should create a library account.

Subscribing to Faculty Library is possible upon receiving a Students ID Card and a Liability Card, in person, at the Library (in front of room 0.46).
Please remember that liability card is an important document, after graduation you will be asked to return it to the Dean’s Office.

How to create an account in Wroclaw University Library you can find here.

A library account is not required to use an e-books and other e-sources – how to do it, you can find here.