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Journal CMBL

Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters  is an international journal dedicated to the dissemination of fundamental knowledge in all areas of cellular and molecular biology, certain aspects of biochemistry, biophysics and biotechnology. Regular papers and short communications that contain new and significant information of general interest to workers in these fields are welcome. The journal also invites timely reviews and mini reviews. Particularly welcome are papers dealing with:

  • Cell cycle and its regulation
  • Cell differentiation
  • Stem cells
  • Cell traffic and signalling
  • Gene expression regulation
  • Cellular membranes
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Molecular biotechnology
  • Cancer cell biology

Since beginning of 2016 articles are published in Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters in “Open Access” system.

Our eletronic publisher became BioMed Cenrtral.

All usefull information about our journal are available on the web pages at addresses:  and

E-mail addresses: