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The Graduate Profile

The graduate profile of the 1st and 2nd cycle biotechnological studies
at University of Wroclaw

Graduate of the 1st cycle biotechnology

  • The graduate receives bachelor’s degree after 3 years of full-time study period.
  • The graduate has a wide knowledge in the range of basic subjects: biology, plant and animal physiology, chemistry, biophysics, mathematics, informatics, statistics, genetics and microbiology.
  • Additionally, the graduate has a wide knowledge in the range of biochemistry, concerning the structures and functions of proteins, sugars, lipid compounds, nucleic acids and their metabolism.
  • The knowledge of the graduate of biotechnology is also enriched with major subjects such as biotechnology, enzymology, molecular organization of cells, biochemical preparation, genetic biochemistry, molecular biology techniques, bioprocess engineering, industrial microbiology, environmental biotechnology methods as well as cells and tissues cultures.
  • Interdisciplinary theoretical education and the ability to use biotechnological methods enable the graduate of biotechnology the efficient movement in the field of biotechnology and modern experimental biology.
  • Thus, the graduate is prepared to work in control and research laboratories, in the areas of industrial biotechnology as well as in health-care and environmental institutions.
  • The graduate of 1st cycle biotechnology holds a certificate of English language at B2 level, and is able to use the specialist language.
  • Biotechnology graduates are the specialists desired on labor market both in Poland and abroad.
    They can work in those areas of the economy that benefit from biotechnological processes, or use the products of these processes:

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Food industry
    • Household chemicals
    • Fodder industry
    • Departments of biopreparation and biopreparations quality control
    • Scientific research and implementation institutions
    • Health-care institutions

Graduate of the 2nd cycle biotechnology

  • After 2 years full-time study period, the graduate receives the master’s degree with a specialization in either of the following: proteins and peptides biotechnology, medical biotechnology, molecular biology, molecular microbiology or bioinformatics.
  • The graduate has a wide theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of biotechnological methods used to carry out the targeted modification of microorganisms, cells of higher organisms and whole organisms.
  • The graduate is also prepared to perform biosynthesis and biotransformation processes.
  • The graduate knows the methods for isolation and purification of bioproducts as well as determination of their biological and physicochemical properties.
  • The graduate is able to design macromolecules that are characterized by the desired activity and can develop biotechnological process conditions, perform their optimization and control.
  • The graduate, depending on the selected specialty, is competent in particular in the design and characterization of proteins and peptides with new biological and physicochemical properties, the use of recombinant DNA techniques for the construction of genetically modified organisms, the use of molecular biology and biochemistry methods in examination of the processes, and also the use of liposome technologies in biotechnology; the graduate demonstrates the ability to search through the online databases related to bioinformatics and molecular biology, the knowledge of mathematical and IT workshop necessary for an analysis of large data sets, and the ability of computer modeling of complex phenomena and biological systems.
  • The graduate is prepared to work in the widely understood health-care and environmental institutions as well as in research laboratories and industrial sectors using biotechnology.
  • The graduate of 2nd cycle biotechnology is very well prepared for academic work, thus is predisposed to undertake doctoral studies both in Poland and abroad.