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As an international student studying biotechnology at UWr I gained invaluable skills and scientific knowledge thanks to the theoretical and practical curriculum of the program and the opportunity to work as a lab research assistant in the biochemistry department. My student experience in Wrocław definitely shaped my future not only as a scientist but also as a human being capable of thriving in multicultural settings. It set the framework that allowed me to pursue nutrition studies in Spain, human genetics courses at the University of Toronto and currently I am halfway through my genetic counseling training in New York. If you dare to be challenged while living in a beautiful city and finding your own path in the science/healthcare field then this program is for you. Do not hesitate to invest in your professional journey.
Rebeca, Mexico-USA (BSc in Biotechnology Oct 2015 – Jul 2018)

It was a fortunate moment to become an international student at the University of Wroclaw in 2017. I can tell that not only the studying process was based on interactive and engaging content, but also my student life in Wroclaw was full of new friendships, local entertaining events and trips. Being qualified in biotechnology, I successfully became a five-month intern at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC), Barcelona, Spain, recently in March 2021.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the university staff that had been teaching, supporting and encouraging me throughout my academic period in Poland.
Aleksandra, Ukraine (BSc in Biotechnology, Oct 2017 – Feb, 2021)

As a bachelor of Bioengineering student, I enjoyed my Erasmus exchange program experience at the Uniwersytet Wroclawski. The most exciting part of my experience was the diversity of the courses I could choose from. Most of these courses included parallel, hands-on application sessions. I believe because of this experience; I am continuing both my individual education and team-mediated works more effectively.

This was my first visit to a European country, and I appreciated the culture, traditions, and the beautiful structure of every “Rynek” in Poland. Also, due to the international nature of the Wroclaw, I could meet and learn from many different cultures. Among which were the very strong friendships I made.
Anahita, Iran (Erasmus+ BSc in Biotechnology: Feb 2019 – Jun 2019)

When I reflect on my three years as an undergraduate, I feel very lucky for having supportive professors, meeting classmates that turned into lifelong friends from all around the world, and the overall education that prepared me in unpredictable ways for my future. Wrocław is a beautiful city, and my experience at UWr not only helped me become a scientist but also gave me some of my fondest memories across Europe. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in molecular biology and genetics in Canada, where I am also working as a teaching assistant in undergraduate laboratory classes.
Baran, Turkey (BSc in Biotechnology, Oct 2016 – Jul 2019)

Having the opportunity to study abroad for my undergraduate degree, I really enjoyed being an international student at the faculty of Biotechnology at UWr. The international environment of the city and the helpful university staff made it a memorable experience. As a 2020 graduate, I would like to thank and express my gratitude to the faculty members and all my professors, that gave me the knowledge and confidence to focus on my future career goals. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree at the University of Paris as a scholarship holder under the “Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery” Erasmus Mundus joint master’s degree program.
Nadein, Egypt (BSc in Biotechnology, Oct 2017 – Jul, 2020)

I would (…) like to share some good news as a graduate from Wroclaw University. I am currently working as a research assistant doing plant molecular biology and also lab buyer for a research institute (…) in Singapore.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you and all the professors who have taught me for undergraduate studies in Poland.

Thank you very much!
Redzuan, Singapore (BSc in Biotechnology: Oct, 2017 – Jul, 2020)