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Why University of Wrocław?

The University of Wrocław is one of ten Polish universities and the only one in Lower Silesia that has the status of a Research University. As a Research University we offer our students i.a. scholarship programs, grants, tutoring, a reduced number of students within individual course groups, a wide range of courses conducted in English and additional long-cycle studying programmes for the brightest and most ambitious individuals.

University of Wrocław is a member of the Arqus European University Alliance which brings together 8 European longstanding comprehensive research universities.  

Thanks to the funding from IDUB (Initiative of Excellence – Research University programme) for our top 100 first-year students admitted to the University of Wrocław on the basis of olympiad laureateship, we now have 1 million PLN in our disposal for the Young Researcher scholarship.

Two of our departments – the Faculty of Biotechnology and the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics have been recognised with A+ category granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. It means that the research and teaching level in these departments is highest in the country.

Every year we secure high positions in national rankings (the 4th best university of the country according to Perspektywy 2020).

We hire the best specialists – almost 2000 researchers, including over 460 professors, also from foreign academic centres. We have almost 300 scientific establishments, more than 20 laboratories and workshops. We work as a small city – our academic community has 30,000 people. We educate almost 25,000 students and nearly 1500 PhD students.

We are the 3rd most popular Polish university among foreign students, which means that we bring together students from the most distant parts of the world. In addition, we have a leading position among other Polish universities in terms of the number of students traveling abroad and as the only university in Poland we are part of the world-wide ISEP exchange programme, thanks to which our students come to USA on scholarships.

The infrastructure of our university includes not only the historical buildings (e.g. the main building of the University, the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy at Dawida Street, the building of the former Library of the University and shortly the Archives at Szajochy Street) but also much more modern buildings such as the Faculty of Biotechnology or Wrocław University Library.

Our buildings are not only located in Wrocław. We own an Ornithological Station in Ruda Milicka, an Astronomic Observatory in Białków, a Polar Station on Spitsbergen and a Storczyk Station in Karpacz. Other than that, our university has a beautiful Botanical Garden located in the heart of Wrocław and Arboretum located in Wojsławice near Niemcza.

We offer an extensive and diversified selection of courses – as much as 100 courses of study as well as 250 specialisations for undergraduate and postgraduate studies and doctoral studies.