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Department of Lipids and Liposomes


Department Head

Staff Members

Emeritus Professor
PhD Students

(room 2.13)

Research TopicsLiposomy

  • Phenolic Lipids – occurrence, isolation, characterization, biological activities, biosynthesis
  • Liposomes as drug carriers
  • New amphiphiles for construction of supramolecular drug carriers
  • Characterization of supramolecular drug carriers
  • HPLC Waters – analytical (detectors – diode array, fluorescence, light scattering), ternary gradient, autosampler, Millennium software
  • HPLC Waters – preparative (UV detector, fraction collector), Millennium software
  • LCD HPLC preparative, isocratic and binary gradient
  • Zetasizer 5000 (Malvern) for size distribution analysis (PCS) and zeta potential determination
  • Liposomal extruders (from 1 ml to 900 ml)
  • Spectrofluorimeter Kontron SFM-25
  • Typhoon Phospho-Chemo-FluorImager (Molecular Dynamics)