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Department of Cytobiochemistry


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Staff Members


PhD Students

Research Topics

  • Role of MPP1/p55 and its palmitoylation in raft organization (National Science Center grants “Biological mechanism of resting state raft formation and their participation in the regulation of certain cellular functions. Role of (palmitoylated) protein MPP1” and “Detailed mechanism of resting state membrane raft formation via dissecting the MPP1-flotillins/lipids interactions in vitro”)
  • Structure and function of membrane skeleton
  • Interaction of spectrins with membrane lipid bilayer and its physiological significance
  • Modulation of signaling lipids in membranes (Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant Iuventus Plus “Novel mechanisms of modulation of signaling lipids activity in biological membranes, exemplified on phosphatidic acid”)
  • Origami DNA nanostructures as tools to study biological membranes
  • Liposomes as drug carriers


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