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Faculty Seminars

Dr Christoph Weigel (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin) Epsilon-proteobacteria: parABS and FtsK/KOPS a contribution from bioinformatics; 17.06.2014, 12.00- 13.00 a.m.; lecture room (0.30) in the building of Faculty of Biotechnology


Bacteria employ a veritable chamber orchestra of different protein factors to segregate, decatenate, and de-dimerize their replicating chromosomes and partition them faithfully to the growing sister cells prior to division. The members of this chamber orchestra are virtually unknown in the epsilon-proteobacteria as is their contribution to the concert. A reason sufficient to address two putative members with bioinformatic tools: the parABS system functions early after initiation of DNA replication by segregating the replicating sister chromosomes while the FtsK/KOPS system has its role in the final chromosome partitioning steps prior to division.