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Faculty seminar 29.11.2022.

29.11.2022., 10.00 am., MS Teams

mgr Martyna Biaduń, Department of Protein Engineering
Supervisor: dr hab. Małgorzata Zakrzewska, prof. UWr
” FGF homologous factors are secreted proteins that induce signaling in cells expressing FGF receptors”.

mgr Konrad Pawlak, Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics
Supervisor: dr hab. Paweł Błażej
„Investigation of the influence of selection at the amino acid level on the usability of synonymous codons”.

mgr Piotr Hinc, Department of Cytobiochemistry
Supervisor: dr hab. Aleksander Czogalla
„The influence of signaling lipids, phosphatidic acid and ceramide-1-phosphate on the properties of lipid membranes and interaction with effector proteins”.

Presentations will be in English.