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If you wish you may be assigned a personal locker for whole study period. The exact dates of assigning lockers to students of particular programmes are announced at the beginning of October. You can expect support in this matter from your Year Tutor.

Use of Lockers Policy for students at the Faculty of Biotechnology at the University of Wrocław

  1. A student has the right to use the assigned locker only during the duration of studies. The locker can be used by only one student who holds responsibility for its condition and content.
  2. A designated employee of the Faculty creates a list of students who are allocated individually numbered lockers and issues keys to the assigned lockers. The administrator of the lockers is based in room 0.34.
  3. A student is given a locker key after confirming they have read and accepted this Policy in writing. The key is issued subject to a deposit of 20 PLN.
  4. After graduation, the student shall return the key upon which the deposit is refunded and the student receives entry in the clearance card.
  5. Loss of the key should be reported immediately to the locker administrator. If you lose the key the deposit will be used to purchase a new copy form the locker manufacturer. Students are prohibited from making extra copies of the key themselves.
  6. If the lock or the locker have been destroyed through the student’s fault he or she will be charged for the cost of the repair.
  7. The user of the locker is responsible for its correct use. This means, in particular, that it is prohibited to store chemical or biological substances that may pose a threat, perishable goods or items emitting sounds.
  8. On suspicion the locker contains not permitted items or substances, the Administrator may order the locker to be open in the presence of a committee. The committee shall draw up a report from the opening of the locker and, on suspicion the content is illegal, notify the police.
  9. Students are obliged to immediately report any damage to lockers to the administrator, and in their absence, to the Department reception.
  10. Failure to return the locker key prior to graduation will result in the absence of an entry in the clearance card and suspension of issue of the diploma.

I have read and agree to abide by the above Policy
Wrocław,  ……………………………