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Laboratory Classes Rules


Policy for laboratory classes

Before participating in laboratory classes, students should familiarize themselves with the policy on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the laboratory and the content of each class performed on a given day.


The following rules have to be followed in the laboratory room:

  • Outer garments and backpacks should be stored in the personal locker and/or locker room.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Laboratory coats and closed toe shoes have to be worn in the laboratory.
  • No lab coats and no gloves outside of lab areas.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking allowed.
  • Be especially careful when working with poisons, concentrated acids and bases, and also fire.
  • Maintain clean bench tops during the classes.
  • Follow the manual and take care of equipment.
  • Clean your work place after the class is finished.
  • Before leaving the lab, always wash your hands.


  1. At the beginning of the classes, the teacher is obliged to present to the students the detailed rules of completing the classes.
  2. Each class may start with a test checking if the students are prepared to take the class. Not passing the entry test may result in not taking part in a given lab class. Grades obtained on the entry tests cannot be improved.
  3. Exercises are performed individually or in subgroups according to the instructions given in the script and/or instructions provided by the teachers, and the teachers’ detailed guidelines.
  4. Reports on the exercises may be obligatory. This is decided by the teacher.
  5. During the course of the laboratory classes the teacher is allowed to conduct one or more tests.
  6. After the class is finished, glassware and equipment should be returned.


  1. The requirements for successful class completion are as follows:
  • Active participation in the classes and due performance of experiments planned within the class schedule.
  • Obtaining at least a pass grade (3.0). Detailed rules on grade calculation is presented at the beginning of the classes.
  • The final grade from the classes may be affected by the student’s activity during the lab classes.
  1. Only absence from classes and tests due to verified sickness or properly certified unexpected events is acceptable. Appropriate certificates should be submitted to the teacher within 7 days after return to class.
  2. Absences (also justified ones) cannot exceed 25% of the classes in total.
  3. Students are entitled to improve fail grades from tests once only.
  4. Test retakes are held within the time specified by the teacher.
  5. Pass and higher grades are not subject to improvement.
  6. Unjustified absence from the test will expend one attempt at the test.