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Health, safety and fire training

It is the responsibility of each student commencing studies at the University of Wroclaw to participate in health, safety and fire training. The course is mandatory and ends with a test.

Training is considered to be completed during the first semester. A student who fails to obtain credit by the specified deadline may not be admitted to classes and shall repeat the first semester of study or shall be deleted from the list of students.

Training is available only as a e-learning course from October to November, 2023.

More detailed information.

What to do in case of fire

Alert or ask someone to alert the emergency services on 112 emergency phone number. Let other people know. If it is possible, extinguish the fire.  Usually a small, starting fire can be easily extinguished yourself. Activate the evacuation alarm by pressing the emergency push button. Go to the assembly point  (in front of the building), wait for the emergency services and provide the necessary information.

Ordinance 202/2022 on initial training in occupational health and safety and fire protection.