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Academic career structure in Poland

  1. Research and didactic positions and titles precedingnames:
  • PhD studentmgr or mgr inż. …
  • Asystent – teaching assistant, without a PhD degree – mgr or mgr inż. …

mgr (abbreviation for magister) – Master of Science (MSc);
mgr inż. (abbreviation for magister inżynier) – Master of Engineering (M.E.).

  • Adiunkt – assistant professor, with a PhD degree – dr or dr hab.

dr (abbreviation for doktor) – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
dr hab. (abbreviation for doktor habilitowany) – Doctor of Science (DSc).

  • Profesor nadzwyczajny – associate professor – dr hab. …, prof. UWr
  • Profesor zwyczajny– (full) professor – prof. dr hab. …
  1. Didactic positions:
  • Instructor (at least MSc or M.E degree required);
  • Lecturer (at least PhD degree is required);
  • Senior Lecturer (at least PhD degree is required).