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Faculty seminar 16.03.2021.

16.03.2021., MS Teams, 10:00 am.

mgr Katarzyna Juszkiewicz
Potential supervisors: dr hab. Aleksander Czogalla, prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Langner
Department of Cytobiochemistry

“Liposomes as versatile carriers of plasmid DNA”.

Presentation will be in English.

The impact of composition of liposomal carriers on their interaction with different cell types.


16.03.2021., MS Teams, 10:20 am.

mgr Karolina Wójtowicz
Potential supervisors: prof. dr hab. inż. Marcin Łukaszewicz, dr hab. inż. Marek Kułażyński
Department of Biotransformation

“The investigation of the mechanisms responsible for biosurfactants’ anticancer activity”.

Presentation will be in Polish.

Presumable mechanism of biosurfactants’ interactions with the cell plasma membrane.


16.03.2021., MS Teams, 10:40 am.

mgr Adam Markowski
Potential supervisors: dr hab Jerzy Gubernator, prof. dr hab. Joanna Wietrzyk
Department of Lipids and Liposomes

“Nanoformulations of flavonoids and terpenoids in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma therapy”.

Presentation will be in Polish.

A – PLGA nanoparticles of ursolic acid, B – liposomal formulation of baicalein, C – cytoxity of liposomal and free baicalein, D – spheroid 3D culture of BxPC-3 pancreatic cancer cells.