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Research Projects

The list of research project realized at the Faculty of Biotechnology
Head Title Completion date
prof. dr hab. Teresa Olczak Porphyromonas gingivalis HmuY protein and its homologs from other periodontopathogens – a novel group of bacterial virulence factors 2016-2019
prof. dr hab. Teresa Olczak Regulation of mechanisms of iron and heme acquisition and virulence in Porphyromonas gingivalis with involvement of PgFur protein and small RNAs 2015- 2018
mgr Michał Śmiga Cooperation of PgFur with CRISPR-associated proteins and selected transcriptional regulatory factors in mechanisms of Porphyromonas gingivalis virulence 2015- 2018
mgr Paulina Sosicka Characteristics of nucleotide sugar transporters SLC35A4 and SLC35A5 2015- 2018
prof. dr hab. Mariusz Olczak Functional analysis of SLC35A transporter family – substrate specificity and ability to interact with other proteins in the Golgi membrane 2015- 2018
dr Aleksander Czogalla Novel modulatory mechanisms of biological activity of signaling lipids in membranes, phosphatidic acid as an example. 2015.01.01–2016.12.31
prof. dr hab. Hanna Jańska Functional analysis of AtRBL12, mitochondrial protein contributing in intramembranous proteolysis.
dr Adam Pomorski Analysis of free zinc concentration in the selected compartments of various mammalian cell lines. 2013.07.11–2015.07.10
dr Przemysław Gagat Phylogenetic analyses of Chromalveolata genomes and their significance in understanding the evolution of complex plastids and secondary endosymbiosis. 2011.12.15–2014.06.14
dr hab. Paweł Mackiewicz Genetic analysis of cave bear from the Polish territories and neighboring countries. 2013.07.08–2015.07.07
dr Małgorzata Zakrzewska Investigation of the mechanism of translocation and intracellular, antiapoptotic function of FGF1 and FGF2. 2012.03.30–2014.03.29
dr Dagmara Baczyńska Examination of the role of an interaction of α-catenin with β-catenin and actin in terms of migratory and adhesion ability of tumor cells. 2008.09.26–2013.09.01
prof. dr hab. Mariusz Olczak Examination of the specificity of membrane transporters of nucleotide-sugars and glycosyltransferases of Golgi apparatus. 2009.04.24–2010.10.10
dr Elżbieta Gocek The study on intracellular pathways of differentiation in the cells with mutations typical for acute myeloid leukemias. 2011.05.06–2015.05.05
dr Piotr Kolesiński Chaperone proteins involved in the biosynthesis of carboxylase/oxygenase of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate. 2014.02.12–2017.02.11
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Sikorski Biological mechanism of the formation of resting membrane rafts and their participation in the regulation of selected cell functions – the role of (palmitoyl) MPP1 protein. 2013.02.22–2016.02.21
dr hab. Anna Krasowska Biomedical use of biosurfactants synthesized by Arctic origin microorganisms. 2011.05.06–2013.05.05
mgr Tomasz Kochańczyk Biophysical and functional characteristics of zinc hook domain of protein RAD50 and its homologues. 2014.10.01–2015.09.30
dr Marta Kołodziejczak Functional characteristics of mitochondrial proteases of m-AAA Arabidopsis thaliana type. 2009.10.22–2014.10.21
prof. dr hab. Teresa Olczak Characteristics of lipoprotein HmuY from Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria. 2009.05.04–2010.09.26
dr hab. Dagmara Jakimowicz Cytoskeleton and chromosomes segregation in Streptomyces – characteristics of ParA protein interactions. 2009.10.09–2012.10.08
dr Alicja Sochaj Cytotoxic conjugates based on affibody protein and polyethylene glycol, targeted to tumor cells that have surface receptor HER2. 2013.10.01–2016.09.30
prof. dr hab. Jacek Otlewski Cytotoxic conjugates, based on a fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF1) or the specific antibodies, targeted to tumors overexpressing FGF receptors. 2012.04.30–2017.04.30
prof. dr hab. Hanna Jańska Mitochondrial-nuclear dialogue in response to mitochondrial translation disorders in Arabidopsis. 2011.05.06–2014.05.05
prof. dr hab. Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwińska The dynamics of chromosome organization and replication process in different phases of bacterial growth – the comparison of two related actinomycetes: pathogenic Mycobacterium and non-pathogenic one, growing in the form of Streptomyces hyphae. 2012.08.31–2012.08.30
prof. dr hab. Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwińska Genome mining for drug discovery: Activation of silent biosynthetic gene clusters. 2011.05.20–2014.04.30
dr Elwira Smakowska Identification of natural substrates and physiological partners of mitochondrial protease AtFtsH4 from Arabidopsis thaliana. AtFtsH4 role in mitochondrial proteome protecting against the harmful effects of oxidative stress. 2012.09.21–2014.09.20
dr Sabina Tabaczar The mechanism of formation and regulation of resting lipid rafts. 2014.10.01–2017.09.30
prof. dr hab. Jan Szopa-Skórkowski The new generation of raw materials of plant origin based on flaxseed for industrial applications. 2009.10.15–2012.12.14
dr Anna Kulma Evaluation of bioactive compounds content in flax fiber. 2009.04.24–2012.04.23
prof. dr hab. Teresa Olczak Interaction of HmuY protein from Porphyromonas gingivalis bacteria on the host cells – recognition of the mechanism as the prelude to the development of a diagnostic test and component of the vaccine against chronic periodontopathies. 2010.04.08–2012.10.07
dr Magdalena Żuk Elaboration of the method for the induction of favorable changes in the metabolism of plants by the way other than transgenesis. 2014.07.22–2017.07.21
dr hab. Artur Krężel Sequential optimization and physicochemical characterization of inter-protein domains binding Zn (II) ions. 2012.04.02–2014.04.01
mgr Wioleta Wojtasik Estimation of DNA methylation patterns of PR genes in flaxseed after infection by pathogenic and non-pathogenic strain of Fusarium oxysporum. 2014.07.10–2016.07.09
dr Magdalena Żuk Comparative study of the content of bioactive compounds in flaxseed oil and an assessment of their biomedical use. 2010.06.02–2013.05.20
dr Iwona Migdał The search for new components of proteolytic system in plants mitochondria based on the known yeast homology. 2012.08.02–2015.08.01
mgr Renata Skibior Proteases, AT23 and FtsH4, as potential regulators of phospholipid composition in the mitochondria of A. thaliana. 2014.08.07–2016.08.06
dr hab. Artur Krężel Zinc proteome in the context of zinc ions homeostasis – identification and characterization of novel zinc domains and their role in the stabilization of proteins and protein-protein interactions. 2013.07.02–2018.07.01
prof. dr hab. Aleksander Sikorski Estimation of lipids binding mechanism (identified of the key amino acid residues) and its physiological role by the binding domain of the erytocytary beta spectrin ankyrin. 2009.09.29–2012.09.28
Regulation of the receptor for vitamin D by retinoids. 2014.08.25–2016.08.24
prof. dr hab. Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwińska The role of AdpA protein, the key activator of the differentiation process in the regulation of Streptomyces chromosomes replication. 2010.03.17–2013.03.16
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Szczepaniak The role of RbcX protein from cyanobacteria and higher plants in the biosynthesis of carboxylase/oxygenase of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate. 2009.10.07–2010.07.26
dr Dorota Dziadkowiec The role of DNA repair mediators by homologous recombination in maintenance of centromeres integrity. 2014.05.19–2016.05.18
dr Małgorzata Czarna The role of mitochondrial protease AtFtsH4 in biogenesis of mitochondria in germinating seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana. 2013.07.08–2016.07.07
dr Janusz Piechota The role of type II prohibitins in plant cell functioning. 2010.11.12–2014.11.11
prof. dr hab. Mariusz Olczak The role of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine transporter of Golgi apparatus in the process of macroparticles glycosylation. 2012.08.06–2015.08.05
prof. dr hab. Maria Malicka-Błaszkiewicz Gelsolin role in the migration of tumor cells. 2009.05.06–2011.09.16
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Szczepaniak The structures of cytochromes cM, similar c6 and f from blue-green algae and higher plants. 2011.05.12–2014.05.11
dr hab. Artur Krężel Synthesis and use of Zn (II) biosensors based on quantum dots in medical diagnostics in vivo. 2010.12.16–2013.12.15
dr hab. Artur Krężel Synthesis and application of new sensors and biarsenic platforms for selective and multifunctional modification of proteins. 2011.12.13–2014.12.12
dr Antonina Mazur The role of nuclear localized gelsolin in cell migration. 2011.05.27–2013.06.30
Viral vector comprising a muscle-specific hybrid promoter as a tool for gene therapy of laminopathies. 2014.10.01–2015.09.30
dr hab. Artur Krężel Coordination properties of metallothionein 1 and 2 in terms of dynamic changes of biological systems.
dr hab. Dagmara Jakimowicz An impact of topoisomerase I on the dynamics of Streptomyces and Mycobacterium chromosome – from research on the level of a single molecule to cell biology. 2011.05.10–2014.03.31
dr Małgorzata Kwaśniak-Owczarek An impact of changes in the mitochondrial translation on chloroplast genome expression and communication between chloroplasts and the nucleus. 2014.08.01–2016.07.31
prof. dr hab. Jan Szopa-Skórkowski Examination of benzenoids synthesis route in flaxseed. 2014.07.18–2017.07.17
prof. dr hab. Jan Szopa-Skórkowski Examination of the containment/flexibility of metabolic pathways of the terpenoid route in flaxseed. 2011.12.06–2014.12.05
prof. dr hab. Jan Szopa-Skórkowski Examination of the coordination of biopolymers biosynthesis in flaxseed and its components. 2013.03.25–2018.03.24