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Interdisciplinary studies

University of Wrocław was the first in Poland to create studies in the field of biotechnology at the then Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, in the academic year 1986/1987.tL-DtL-P3

A separate Faculty of Biotechnology was established in 2006.

Biotechnology is an exceptionally interdisciplinary field of study, which offers diversified job opportunities.

Biotechnological studies provide graduates with theoretical and practical knowledge in areas such as:graph

  • medicine
  • scientific research and implementation activity
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • microbiology
  • biopreparation and biopreparations quality control
  • household chemicals
  • food industry
  • agriculture and fodder industry

During the course, students learn to work in the laboratory and use specialist equipment for:

  • DNA analysis
  • modern plants breeding
  • creation of compounds of economic significance

The University offers the program of study in English language (Studies in Biotechnology).