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MSc Studies

Project „Zintegrowany Program Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego 2018-2022” co-financed from the European Union funds under the European Social Fund

Admission 2023/24

Master’s programme in Medical Biotechnology

Master’s programme in Medical Biotechnology since 2023/2024

Second level studies in Medical Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biotechnology enable students to develop skills in solving problems arising in experimental work. Individual master’s dissertation projects coordinated by the Faculty’s research and teaching staff serve this purpose. The second cycle program reflects the specificity and high quality of scientific research of the Faculty’s 15 research groups.

The aims of MSc Medical Biotechnology studies are:

  • acquiring advanced knowledge of medical and biological sciences, namely of biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine and bioinformatics;
  • consolidating knowledge from different disciplines in order to explain complex phenomena and biological processes;
  • mastering advanced research and information methods as well as laboratory skills used in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology;
  • develop of scheduling skills in order to plan research tasks as well as selecting appropriate methods for their implementation;
  • acquisition of skills required for the interpretation of research findings, preparation of reports and research projects based on scientific literature;
  • develop of scientific dispute skills;
  • acquisition of knowledge on the possibilities of practical use of both the experience gained and the results of basic research;
  • develop of organizational and managerial skills to supervise work of a team, taking into account the principles of bioethics and health and safety at work.

What can you learn?

A graduate of Medical Biotechnology:

  • possesses comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of biological sciences, in particular of biochemistry and medical biotechnology, that is essential to perform professional duties in interdisciplinary manner
  • is proficient in using bioinformatics tools and literature in the English language in his or her professional work;
  • is prepared to discuss scientific issues;
  • knows how to arrange individual and team work in the laboratory in accordance with the principles of bioethics and safety;
  • has knowledge of the implementation of research and application projects, 
  • knows the principles for the creation and development of individual entrepreneurship and is well informed in the market of biotech companies;
  • is able to facilitate his or her further learning and career planning;
  • speaks English at B2+ level and uses professional English vocabulary related to biology, biochemistry, biomedicine and biotechnology.

The program lasts 2 years (4 semesters). To obtain a master’s degree, students must write and defend a master thesis. 

The course starts if the minimum number of 10 students will enroll.

Detailed list of courses

Descriptions of courses and modules (Syllabi)