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Faculty seminar 30.11.2021.

30.11.2021., 10:00 am., MS Teams

Dr Torsten Müller, Bruker BioAFM
“Nanoscale Mechanobiology by AFM – from Single Molecules via Living Cells towards Tissues” – Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a powerful tool, developed primary for physics and characterisation of material surfaces.  Now it is extensively used by life sciences also, with new techniques addressing the special needs of biological samples. The seminar will present shortly what we can learn using AFM, with a special focus on applications in research on cells.


30.11.2021., 11:15 am., ZOOM

Marek Michałowski, Pro-Environment Polska

“High Content Screening –Technology and Applications” – Opera Phenix Plus (Perkin Elmer) – High Content Screening is an epifluorescence and confocal imaging technology that allows to obtain a very large number of results in a short time, in standardized conditions, at the single cell level. Images are automatically converted into numerical data along with statistical analysis.

Meeting ID: 839 207 2701
Passcode: BIOCYKL