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  • Laboratory classes during a pandemic
    Laboratory classes during a pandemic



Faculty seminar 11.10.2022.

11.10.2022., 10:00 am., MS Teams
"Drug carriers in anti-cancer therapies", dr hab. Jerzy Gubernator, Department of Lipids and Liposomes.

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Faculty seminar 13.09.2022.

13.09.2022., godzina 10.00, MS Teams
"Preparation, characterization and application of the biopolymer synthesized by Bacillus subtilis", mgr Marta Domżał-Kędzia, Department of Biotransformation.

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Trieste Next International Academy

TRIESTE NEXT – FESTIVAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH taking place in Trieste in September 2022.

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PhD Studentship in Molecular Microbiology

We present the offer of doctoral studies at the Department of Molecular Microbiology in the NCN project: "Structural and functional characterisation of the key polarity determinator DivIVA in Streptomyces venezuelae", managed by dr Bernhard Kepplinger.

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Faculty seminar 07.06.2022.

07.06.2022., 10.00 am., MS Teams

"Towards nanobiodevices", dr hab. Joanna Grzyb, Department of Biophysics.

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