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Faculty seminar 14.07.2020.

14.07.2020., 10:00 pm., MSTeams

"The role of gelsolin isoforms in the adhesion and invasion of melanoma cells, including their impact on the subcellular location of LamR and ILK", mgr Ewa Mazurkiewicz, Department of Cell Pathology.
"Chalcone synthase genes in flax and their contribution to stress response", mgr Agata Hnitecka, Department of Genetic Biochemistry.

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Faculty seminar 26.06.2020.

Friday 26.06.2020., 10:00 am., MS Teams.
"Innovative methods for modulating gene activity (oligo technology) to modify plant metabolism."
Dr hab. Magdalena Żuk, Department of Genetic Biochemistry.

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Lab classes in June-August, 2020

List of laboratory classes for Biotechnology BSc Programme in the period: June, 1st – August 31st, 2020.

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Faculty seminar 02.06.2020.

02.06.2020., 10:00 am., MS TEAMS
"The role of SMC and HupS proteins during Streptomyces venezuelae sporulation".
Tomasz Małecki, Department of Molecular Microbiology.

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Faculty seminar 19.05.2020.

19.05.2020, 10:00 am, on-line on MS Teams

"The effect of ergosterol on the activity of Cdr1 transporter and selected plasma membrane parameters in Candida albicans."
Jakub Suchodolski, Department of Biotransformation.

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