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Classes are suspended – important announcement – UPDATE

Information for students.

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Faculty seminar 14.01.20.

14.01.2020., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Systemic regulation of feeding and glucose metabolism aimed to develop novel treatment of obesity and diabetes".
Dr Parmila Kumari, Department of Protein Biotechnology.

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Faculty seminar 19.11.2019.

19.11.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Analysis of the interaction of MPP1 with flotillins in artificial membrane models", mgr Agnieszka Chytła.
"Functional analysis of flax carotenoid dioxygenase converting carotenoids into strigolactones", mgr Iwan Zalewski.
"Electromethanogenesis in MEC (Microbial Electrolysis Cell) ractors", Michał Gaworski.

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Faculty seminar 05.11.2019.

05.11.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Evolution of BK polyomavirus capsid protein in kidney transplant recipients".
Prof. Dorian Mcilroy, Centre de Recherche en Transplantation et Immunologie, Université de Nantes, France.

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Faculty seminar 22.10.2019.

22.10.2019., 9:15 am, room 1.03.
"Immunoliposomal form of simvastatin as potential therapeutic for a treatment of EGFR family-dependent cancers".
Mgr Lucyna Matusiewicz.

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