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  • Laboratory classes during a pandemic
    Laboratory classes during a pandemic



Faculty seminar 20.04.2021.

20.04.2021., 10:00 am., MS Teams

Mgr Jakub Sławski and Mgr Józef Ba Tran.

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Faculty seminar 19.04.2021.

19.04.2021., 10:00 am., MS Teams

mgr Agata Maziak and mgr Artur Tomal.

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Library suspends activity

In connection with the regulations of the Council of Ministers and Rector of the University, the Faculty Library will be closed to April 18th.

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Faculty seminar 13.04.2021.

13.04.2021., 10:00, MS Teams

mgr Marta Poźniak and mgr Natalia Porębska, Department of Protein Engineering

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Faculty seminar 06.04.2021.

06.04.2021., 10:00 am., MS Teams

"Coordination dynamics governs the structure of the Rad50 zinc hook domain".
Mgr Michał Padjasek, Department of Chemical Biology.

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