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Faculty seminar 26.02.2019.

26.02.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"The influence of recombination on the genome structure and evolution"
PhD Dorota Mackiewicz, Department of Bioinformatics and Genomics.

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Faculty seminar 12.02.2019.

12.02.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Flax biotechnology - towards increased pathogen resistance coupled with improved properties of flax products".
Dr hab. Anna Kulma, prof. UWr, Department of Genetic Biochemistry.

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Faculty seminar 05.02.2019

05.02.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.

"The influence of microenvironment on the migration abilities of cancer cells; targeted therapies".
Dr hab. Dorota Nowak, prof. UWr, Department of Cell Pathology.

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Faculty seminar 29.01.2019.

29.01.2019., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Multidrug resistance of the pathogenic yeast Candida albicans".
Phd Anna Krasowska, Department of Biotransformation.

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Faculty seminar 11.12.2018.

11.12.2018., 9:15 am., room 1.03.

"Post-translational mechanisms of protein transport and sorting in eukaryotic cells".
PhD Łukasz Opaliński, Department Protein Engineering.

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