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Faculty seminar 30.09.2020.

30.09.2020., 10:00 am., MSTeams

"Investigation of zinc-dependent CD4 coreceptor and Lck tyrosine kinase assembly".
Mgr Anna Kocyła, Department of Chemical Biology.

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Faculty seminar 15.09.2020.

15.09.2020 r., 10:00 am., MSTeams

"Highly cytotoxic conjugates based on human fibroblast growth factor 2".
Mgr inż. Mateusz Krzyścik, Department of Protein Engineering.

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Faculty seminar 01.09.2020.

01.09.2020., 10:00 am., MSTeams

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Faculty seminar 28.07.2020.

28.07.2020., 10:00 am., Teams

"Identification of the protein complexes containing lamin and topoisomerase II in the Drosophila melanogaster model system", mgr Marta Pałka.

"The impact of gelsolin, non-integrin laminin receptor and integrin-linked kinase on development of the peripheral nervous system", mgr Ewa Mrówczyńska.

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Faculty seminar 14.07.2020.

14.07.2020., 10:00 pm., MSTeams

"The role of gelsolin isoforms in the adhesion and invasion of melanoma cells, including their impact on the subcellular location of LamR and ILK", mgr Ewa Mazurkiewicz, Department of Cell Pathology.
"Chalcone synthase genes in flax and their contribution to stress response", mgr Agata Hnitecka, Department of Genetic Biochemistry.

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