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Faculty seminar 11.12.2018.

11.12.2018., 9:15 am., room 1.03.

"Post-translational mechanisms of protein transport and sorting in eukaryotic cells".
PhD Łukasz Opaliński, Department Protein Engineering.

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Faculty seminar 04.12.2018.

04.12.2018., 9:15 am., room 1.03.

"Preparation of fructans in liquid and solid cultures using Bacillus subtilis strains", mgr Marta Domżał-Kędzia and "Biotransformation of rapeseed meal by Bacillus subtilis strains", mgr Ida Szmigiel.
Department of Biotransformation.

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Faculty seminar 20.11.2018.

20.11.2018., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"The properties of the standard genetic code and mutational pressure".
PhD Paweł Błażej, Department of Bioinformatics.

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Lecture invitation

07.11.2018., 13:00, room 1.03.
„Landmarks in molecular genetics. A discussion of classical papers placed in their historical context”.
Prof. Dominique Belin, Dépt. de Pathologie & Immunologie, Centre Médical Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Faculty seminar 06.11.2018.

06.11.2018., 9:15 am., room 1.03.
"Characterization of Bacteroides fragilis proteins homologous to HmuY from bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis", mgr Paweł Noceń, Laboratory of Medical Biology.
"Determination of key genes in the cyanogenic glycosides pathway in flax", mgr inż. Katarzyna Pelc, Department of Genetic Biochemistry.

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