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  • Laboratory classes during a pandemic
    Laboratory classes during a pandemic



Faculty seminar 17.01.2023.

17.01.2023., 10.00 am., MS Teams
Mgr Joanna Olszańska, mgr Edyta Skurska and mgr Karolina Baran.


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Faculty seminar 10.01.2023.

10.01.2023., 10.00 am., MS Teams
Mgr Michał Bochynek, mgr Aleksandra Gędaj, mgr Dominika Żukowska.

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Faculty seminar 20.12.2022.

20.12.2022., 10.00 am., MS Teams

Mgr Beata Augustyniak, mgr Marta Burgberger and mgr Yelyzaveta Kochneva.

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Faculty seminar 06.12.2022.

06.12.2022., 10.00 am., MS Teams
Mgr Aleksandra Zielińska, mgr Elżbieta Henderson and mgr Michał Ostrówka.

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Collection for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is still going on, even though it is not talked about so much anymore.  For this reason, we would like to once again organise a collection before Christmas to help people in the Kherson and Mykolaiv area survive the winter. The collection will run from 1 to 16 December, in the main hall of the Faculty of Biotechnology.

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